Bee Kind

I'm not crazy about bees or insects in general, but I like watching them and would not harm them intentionally. Roaches creep me out, though. 

I was hanging out in the back yard yesterday afternoon and found a bee in my tea. I spooned it out and, after cleaning up a bit, it seem to be ok. This reminded me of something I haven't thought about in a long time.

I was working for a membership organization a few years ago and we were on a retreat with some members, planning for the next year's activities. We were all sitting in groups outside and I noticed a bee buzzing around our table for a while. It flew into an empty glass and someone placed a coaster or something over the glass. I was thinking, what? why did you do that? Everyone just continued talking and I sat there staring at this bee who was trapped inside the glass. 

A few minutes passed and all I could focus on was the fact that the bee was desperately trying to get out of the glass, but no one else seemed to notice or care. I finally got up, took the glass over to the grass, and released it. I got a few dirty looks when I returned to the table, but the bee was free and I was happy about it.

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Yes my dear friend, u did the right thing, given freedom to the bee. It shows ur humane face. Nobody likes to be captive. I appreciate ur gesture; though looks small but it was indeed a great gesture of that poor bee.

Yeah, I know a few people who are allergic and that's no fun. I think your reaction is pretty normal. You know me sweetie, I'm just silly :)

If you have gotten stung by a bee before its painfull. There was a hive in my bathroom and one morning while getting dressed for school I pulled on my jeans and one was inside of them and stung me. So I tend to get nervous if I see one and will swat at it for fear of being stung again. My aunt was stung once and she couldnt breath and almost died if she had gotten to the hospital any later. Another reason I swat.

Thanks sweetie :) I couldn't agree more.

That's awesome you took care of the bee. I've had quite a number of them land on me over the years. Most recently it was on a field trip with special ed kids. They all freaked out and wanted me to swat it while it was still on my arm. I told them that is the worst thing you can do. I just stayed calm, let him climb around and sniff on me a little. Then I took him away from the kids and blew some air on him to make him fly away. I've had a lot of bees do that to me over the years and have never once been stung. The only time I was ever stung by a bee was when I stepped on one accidently. I understood that one, I probably woulda stung me too!

bees are cool without them no honey!

Thanks for your comment :) Sounds like something I would do!

I think Bees are very interesting little buggers! I love them! :)<br />
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I once watched a group of ants cut up a whole piece of bread and carry it back to their queen, now THAT was something to see!n It took more than a couple of hours, but it was one of the most amazing things I had seen, since all my life I wanted to see what it was like when ants were all working together to take food back. <br />
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My friends know my obsession with anything that is animal, so when they saw me staring at the ground, nobody dared come near that area (because I'd bite them if they stepped on any ant by mistake).<br />
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Good job on releasing the bee!