I Like Being Alone Sometimes!!

Well howdy Celainn :) so we meet again!!

I, too, like being alone sometimes, actually I NEED to be alone sometimes BUT sometimes i fear that i have a way of chosing being alone a bit too often, and start to isolate myself from people in general ..... and then comes EP (lol) a wonderful site and escape mechanism!! I could actually spend the entire day on this site!!

Well no wonder you are in my group friends, lol, we tend to bump into each other continually, lol. Well we do BOTH have great taste. OK i'm off topic, what the hell else is new?!?

When i am not using the excuse that i like to be alone to isolate myself from others, i do feel the NEED for alone time. It is my so called re-juvenating time. It allows me later in the day or week to give MORE to others if i do not have my alone time.

I personally think that ALL people should gife themselves the gift of being alone, for some i know it scares the hell out of them, BUT if you are never alone, how do you really get the chance to get to know yourself for JUST youself????? If you are never alone and never take time for self examination, do you not eventually allow other people to define who you are????? Just some babbling thoughts. Be well EVERYONE!!

AlwaysRemembers AlwaysRemembers
41-45, F
May 5, 2007