It's Good to Be Alone Once In a While.

Being alone can be great =) Being lonely, not so much.

It drives me crazy when people ask me day after day to come hang out, because we all need a break from our friends and family... I think it's great that they WANT to hang out with me, I feel very lucky! But jeez, give it a break.
slowrewind slowrewind
22-25, F
1 Response May 6, 2007

I hear you loud and clear I do not know how old are you but I raised 4 kids and having gone through all the fightin and bickerin while they where growing up made me appreciate my time and space now that they are grown...,they would like for me to share more of my time with them but seems Im a bit selfish about that.Do not get me wrong, its great spending time with them but I guess this is my time now....