I Have to Have Alone Time Or I...

I have to have alone time or I go crazy.  When I was in rehab the worst part was the lack of privacy.  There was always someone around.  I need my quiet time to be sane.   Too much quiet time is bad as well.  It's important to strike a balance.
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3 Responses Jun 28, 2007

...another happy alone moment that I enjoy is dropping to the bottom of the pool and just sitting there. It is so peaceful and the sounds of the outside world are muffled so you can relax. I realize that I'm holding my breath and that is limited but down there I don't seem to notice and it always lasts longer than I'd expect.... I also love jumping on my stationary bike at 5am, in the dark, IPOD in the ears and just ride... riding to where ever my mind takes me...

That's some high quality alone time.

Actually got some quiet time yesterday... sat at the end of the dock w/ the wind blowing and just watched the clouds go by. Was out there for hours just breathing and not thinking.