I Found Out...

I found it out on holiday with some friends. We stayed in a flat, that was only one room. And so you were basically never alone. And it was really weird for me to spent one week together with people and never be able to retreat. Cause I feel bad a lot more often than others I was very often feeling bad while the others were having fun and just "didn't belong". Then I listened to music on my earphones really loud to shut the rest out. And I definitely enjoyed the shower every day... really. I NEED being alone sometimes.
GothGrrrl GothGrrrl
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1 Response Jul 2, 2007

My MP3 pla<x>yer is constantly stuck in my ears when I am out to block out a lot of people,lol. Feeling crowded by others can be almost claustrophobic, and having nowhere to get away from them for a bit can make the nicest lil kitty cat roar like a tiger!