Captured Hours

I need a few hours spread around each day to be alone in order to be comfortable & happy. I like to have my morning coffee & breakfast alone reading the newspaper or going online to check the news websites, & writing my to-do lists & sometimes a journal entry. It helps me to get myself into the mood for the coming day.

Then I can fill my day with meetings & busyness - as long as I can get a midafternoon coffee break in a nice coffee shop by myself, reading, & organising or just thinking.

Finally, I need at least an hour or so alone in the evening to reflect on my day/how I feel. Without these three timeslots of "me" time, I can't function & I get really grumpy. I am such a sociable person, but it really has to be in the right amounts at the right times - if I don't get this time I just don't work properly. I like being alone sometimes.
spirituallover spirituallover
22-25, F
Aug 5, 2007