A Bit Like Poison.

I think that me hanging with other people; is like poison. It infects my thoughts, my natural way of lets say, 'harmonising' with myself. I often sit at my attic window, watching the sunset and I have always done this by myself. Its just not the same with someone else there. I hate that. They dont like what I talk about, what I want to talk about, no one in the whole universe I have met ever understands me, so I like to think to myself. Its so refreshing. I think that having company is not a bad thing, it just keeps you preoccupied. Being by myself makes me feel like I cant be hurt, that I will doe peacefully and I can look at people in the eye and hear their thoughts, without ever caring what they think about me. Its like an infection, being with people who disturb my mental state of mind. They either come barging in, or sit beside you and the fact that you must acknowledge and keep in mind theyre there is sort of frustrating. Its not the same, being on your own. You cant feel like your free from all the vices. People think Im introverted; no actually they dont my parents do. God, they would think that thought, wouldnt they. Well, no im not introverted. I just like my own company. I like to sit in my room all day, just thinking and stuff. But I love the attic room, where the window opens right out so your whole body is sticking out of the window. I feel sometimes, like dropping, like jumping off because it would be such a fascinating thrill, until I hit the bottom, of course.
DownsideUp DownsideUp
Jul 23, 2010