i'd like to disappear for a week. go somewhere quiet or loud, but somewhere not here or home. leave the cellphone behind so i don't have to hear about the problems and furkeduppedness going on at home that they seem to want to keep me so far removed from. leave all this crap that's been dropped on my lap that won't go away here just for the week.

just for one week i'd like to go away and listen to Lanegan. i'd like to take a walk by myself. not have to talk on the phone to my mother even though most of the time she doesn't talk she just wants to be on the phone while i walk, but i like that time by myself.

just pop some large headphones on me, turn up the Lanegan and leave me the furk alone.

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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

i've done that a couple of times. its nice.