Time to Myself

I spend more time alone - perfectly alone - than anyone else I know.  I enjoy my own company, rarely get bored (rarely... but when I do get bored I get really bored), and like the freedom to be selfish with what I choose to do.
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Feel the same way, I have my hobbies to keep me company, but I do sometimes feel depressed after i dont want to go out when my friends invite me, and then i feel like they forgot me or something, so besides for the bf i think i kinda feel the same way lachicka does. but spending time in nature, painting, drawing, reading or writing is fun for me, and it beats boredom. i just throw myself into a project and im good to do.

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Yes, I enjoy being by myself, too. And I don't get bored at all. If I do, I usually go spend some money. Not a lot of money...just a little. I usually have a lot of stuff to do on the weekends, so bordom is not very easy to come by. And I'm busy working during the week and I come home, work out for about 2 hours, cook dinner, clean up, pack lunches....lol. But I enjoy the alone time as much as possible. And I'm now friendless which is a blessing....trust me. LOVE it!

i understand perfectly what u mean MissFriendly

i also enjoy being alone but i hve a bf and a lot of friends who keep inviting me to go out. I cannot refuse them more than 2or 3 times in a row cuz i dont want to loose them. the funny thing is that when the phone doesnt ring for 2 or 3 days i get depressed and start feeling bad for not going out. This is recently happening to me since before i was with HIM, i was a very socially active person, though i dint wanna blame him for my mood now

I was like that for many years but I am newly single well for the last 3 months. It was great the first couple of months having all this time to myself now I am starting to feel kinda lonely and depressed. Any suggestions? Its weird I used to always love being by myself. Maybe its just a little seperation anxiety.