My Hidden Truth

i really enjoy being's the only time that I don't have someone expecting something from me..I hate living my life to make others happy & amazes me how selfish & needy people tho their existence is more important than mine..I wish that I could tell everyone to F off sometimes! but, that would just "victimize" them & I'd be "expected" to apologize & act right...I can honestly say that I look forward to being an old lady living alone..I'm tired of taking care of people, being "friends" w/ people..who just use me to serve their needs
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3 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Ugh im tired of dealing with people I love being alone

Most people will befriend you just to use you. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be alone. People on average are rather stupid and petty anyway. I prefer to "say as little as possible, to as few people as possible, as seldom as possible"!

It's what works for me...

i hear ya cloudy..all my past relations feel like precious time wasted..all the lies,dramas,struggles,etc..being alone is a great feeling.i focus on important issues better w/out having to constantly check over my shoulder n cater to all the nagging n expectations on everything but me most of the time..its amazing how couples can keep it together through the strains of everything involved in that balancing act lol..i've found that living single is just as much stress-free on the mind,the heart n the pockets lol