Bless My Space

I do  like my home. I like the big,over stuffed sofas..lots of flowers, my antiques and my Aquariums.Pretty fish floating about. I need comfort, quiet rooms. I love getting home after a long day. I think it's sad to not Love your space. Once I was married and hated going home. Not anymore!   

wiseowl wiseowl
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8 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I got Rid oF him..that's part of the wise in my name.Ya gotta know when to go.I flew the coop 15 yrs ago...I think..can't remember! Shows what a great impression he left..

Yes it is tatteredwings. I need it..not just want it. Everything is soft, quiet and just my size..LOL Lots of flowers too. There's something about flowers that I find soothing..?

Sure is wonderful hey being surrounded by things we love and enjoy and find great comfort in. To get away from the busy stream of life, like a little haven away from the city and people.

Ooooh Owlie, your home sounds lovely!<br />
<br />
With 3 kids 3 cats and 3 dogs, my home is more like living in a zoo! Lol

Amazing..I have lots of clean whites..shades and curtains! No cat but maybe someday! I have white berber carpet too..You're good.

HA-ha! Its open yes, but not clean whites....Lol... There is 6 cats a dog 14 chickens ( well not inside) and a lot of stuff all over...but Its MY stuff and MY memories, and I belive that is what makes it "safe" and soal-reflecting...Lol...This is who I am...

your place sounds amazing..i can just picture it..wide open, lots of clean whites...and maybe a cat in the window..haha! sounds great...really!

"Home" is supposed to be our shelter, where we can be safe from all harm and rest our soals and bones...This is where our spirit has painted our walls and curtins with its beautifull colour. We leave all our memories, happy and sad in the closets and look at them when we feel brave enough to touch our feelings. Home is the mirrors of our lifetime, we bring in something new and throw away what we no longer need, just as we choose to chearish loving moments and forget negative learning. May our Homes be blessed with happiness, it has not allways been so.....