Baged My Nephew

last week i was babysiting my nephew for the weekend and he aked me if he could be bagged again so i said ok so i told him to change in to his nylon wind suit and put his breathing gag in when he did i duct taped over the zipper and hog tied him with a crotch rope and then slid him in a 4mill garabge bag and poked a hole and taped his air pipe in place then i vaccume packed/sealed him tight and i told him he had to get out him self but with the crotch rope(his idea)starting to thrust his hips and hump the floor (being 12) he doesn't know about ************ yet(so i thought) at first i heard him trying to scream cause he was getting hard so i turned him over and asked if he wanted out he shook his head no so i asked him if he wanted some help he shook yes so i took the vac hose and hestarted to ********* so i let him finish him self at noon i let him out for lunch and to get cleaned up after lunch i told him to get in the bag and sit on your hands and knees the i put a pair of padded cuffs on his ankles and told hin to put his arms around him like a hug and tied them with rope to each other so he couldn't move his arms and then i pulled the bag up and tied it tight and taped it around his neck and packed him again it was funny to see him bounce around trying to get out then he would stop and i seen him smiling i asked him if he squirted again and he nodded yes  at night i let him out to wash up and get ready for bed he asked me if he could sleep tied up and i told him that would be another day.... 
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Did he ever get to sleep tied up?