Sams House

when i was 12 i spent the weekend at my friend sam's house i got there at 9am and we were just having fun and sam's mom had to pick up a extra shift at work so she told us that kyle sam's 17 year old brother would watch us at 8pm kyle told us that he was going on a date and he was going to tie us up so we don' t cause trouble  so he told us to change in to our wetsuits and then he had a thick black bag for each of us he told me to step in the bag and he then pulled it up and tied and taped it very tightly and did the same for sam then he vaccumed sealed us he said we looked funny hopping around the room for a 1/2 hour then he stuffed a gag in our mouths and taped over it several times and put us in our mummy sleeping bags and did them up at 9pm kyle left us in sams room and went on his date. when he came home at 1am he just left us be since we were sleeping he left us like this un till sunday afternoon when he let us out to get cleaned up and he took us out for pizza and a movies for being such good kids
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What is the brand. Name of the trash bag