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         For decades I have lived in denial of the fact that I am a bi cd/tv/tg. I am also submissive, I'm a bottom only girl. Today I'm only out in cyber and working on the being there in the real world. If someone asked me anything about my sexuality , I would have told you I was straight. Today I'm not sure what I would tell you. It would depend on circumstances.
        The Women that excite me are all dominant,T hey know nothing of my  closet life.  I love their  soft curves and their taste, but most of all their clothes. They just can't do for me what a man can. I feel so complete with a man in me.In truth, a 3some, in which I shared a man with a woman would be a thrill.
         The men that I have been with, have ranged from middle aged firm bodied, to senior and overweight. Some of them took me to the edge of ******,others  took me over the top in ways no woman can.  The old line " It takes a woman to satisfy a woman" also aplies to men.  To be dressed,  giving myself to a man in any way he wanted, in front of a woman  would be my ultimate thrill and "coming out". 
          I plan to make this happen this spring/ summer and will keep you posted.
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I have to totally agree!
I have had many female relations, and the sex was fantastic.
My wife of 34 years gives me mind blowing *******, even after all the years together.
But when my boyfriend, all those years ago, brought me off, it was an out of body experience!
Probably one I will never experience again!
Love your story!

I finally told a friend, who I really am. Not only do I Nanci have a friend,I have a date with a man, not the same one I came out to. I'm so excited

Oh that is fantastic!
I can't wait to hear the details!!!!

Yes you should go forward with this plan for no other reason to experience this. It has been and is one of my favorite things as a crossdresser to do. Let us know how it goes when it happens.

I'm out. I told a friend who I really am. I didn't get a lover,I got a friend, which is even better. I also have a date with a gay man. YAHOO sexual relief

Enjoy your date and let me know how it goes

I will, and it's this afternoon. I'm shaking like a leaf, nervous as hell and oh SO EXCITED

Let me know to sweetie!

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