Naughty Wifey

I'm trying so hard not to give in to my temptation and meet this man that drives me crazy. It's like I have the good angel in one

corner and the bad angel in the other and the bad one is winning because I'm scheming to be with him tomorrow and I want

him so bad that I can taste him. I know being this naughty is so wrong but why does it feel so right for my body. My body is just

calling for him.......mmmm what I would give for a dose of him right now.

Purplerayne Purplerayne
26-30, F
9 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Mmmm, how i long for what you are feeling

Purple you obviously needed some attention and craved something even if it was lust so what, im glad you didnt hold back we only live once go for it xx

why do people feel its ok to cheat , never thinking of the other , or if thay do thay dont care, and if thats the case , get out . remmove yourself from this marriage and then go have fun.

I think that is called cheating on your hubby , unless you asked him if its ok , i would say get a devorce first. then have fun .. but then that maybe the draw here to, your married and its kinda taboo no?

Hi buddhawannabe. Yes I'm married and lusting for this guy in a bad way and yes I saw him and we were oooh sooo NAUGHTY. He's not married but lives with someone.<br />
How are you?

It's the weekend. Invite him over to help you clean house naked and see where it goes.

Will you get two presents, from Santa, for being both naughty and nice.

go for it

put something sexy on, removable to instant access, and go see him. Trust me, men do not resist temptation.