At Work

Yesterday, after lunch with my friend Sarah, we returned to the office and parted ways on the landing that adjoins our offices. I stopped outside the staff room and over heard two of the younger guys talking about me and Sarah. One of them whom I know as Steven could be heard saying that he'd love to **** me. The other one, Derek, agreed that he too would like to **** me and made a few comments about me wearing stockings and suspenders at work, aparently everyone knows I do, and then admited that he wanks off while thinking about me. Not only that, they then went on to call me all kinds of names, an Old Tart, being one of them. I didn't like the old part, lol, but was turned on at the thought of them saying such things about me. There could be some fun to be had with these two young bucks but if I'd known they felt that way about me, then the fun could have started some time ago.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

So have you been able to move it on at all?