Degrading Shirley During Sex

In other stories here, I've stated how Shirley was "seen" in an Adult Friendfinder account by her sister and her sister's black boyfriend. While Shirl was initally angry about it, especially since it showed her face, her body parts (****, ***** and ***) and her having sex (sucking **** and being ******.. in both holes) she did finally get aroused by it. 

Once she got to that stage, I pulled down her pants and was ******* her, and started telling her about how her sister had seen her pictures.. and had shown them to her boyfriend.. she got embarassed, but if anything her ***** got wetter. I started saying that I bet thousands of guys had seen her ****.. seen her sucking on dicks.. about how her ***** and *** were on the site there, for anybody to look at. 

I started saying, "Do you think M... (her sister's boyfriend) showed any of those pictures to his black buddies?" and "I wonder if any of your old classmates have seen your pictures and wanted to **** you." even "I wonder if anybody you've met or seen in a store has seen your **** and looked at your ***** with a **** in it".

Needless to say, she'd say "No, they didn't." etc. .and "Stop talking like that!" but every time I'd say something to her like that, her hips would jerk and she'd moan or groan. She even had a massive ****** right after I said something about her being exposed like a ***** or ****. 

There were dozens of times after that when I'd say something about how hot she'd gotten being on AFF, and about how all kinds of people had seen her. She'd really squirm when I'd mention that Mexicans or black guys or Latinos had seen her ad, and had drooled over her **** and *****. She'd squirm, sure.. but she'd also *** like a bandit too. 

Needless to say, embarassing her, humiiliating her or degrading her every time we had sex became standard fare after that!

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That is hot! Maybe you shoudl have a repeat experience

what a sexy women Shirley is think you need to get her some bbc and have her used by them and show the pictures of it all over the net.

I think you both are having a great fun doing it.<br />
<br />
Now insteed of the pictures try some real thing by bringing some real friends and ******* her in front of them.