I got stopped by a cop last week for being wasted and yelling in the street, little embarrassing, but college starts soon, and I just needed to let off some last summer fun. She was probably 5-10, 175 to my 5-1, 120. I was yelling, and she ran into the street and yelled at me, I resisted her, and almost passed out, she lifted me up, over her shoulder, and carried me to her car, wear I fell asleep. She was no more than 30. I woke up in the waiting room, with no ticket, she was waiting for me, and scolding me, she said she would drive me home. I tried to stand up, but I fell. She carried my like a baby to her car, and drove me home. I again fell asleep in the car. When we got to my apartment, I still couldn't really stand up, so she carried me to the door and knocked, my roommate's girl friend answered and she carried me to my bed, I was awake and I remember all of this. The crazy thing is she is only like 5-3, a little taller than me, and less than 100 pounds. She was the only one awake, so she carried me, to my bed, pretty strong. I woke up the next morning, rock hard and hung over.
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