A Day In The Life Of An Obese 13 Year Old.

I wake up after 5 hours of sleep. I had been playing video games until 2 am. I call for mom to make breakfast as i sluggishly lift my 280lb weight off of my straining bed. I get out my clothes on, tight as usual and lumber downstairs. My obese mom tells me that she has made, fried toast, bacon , eggs , beans , hash browns , sasauges and tomato sauce with fries  for my breakast. I gobble this up and ask for some cereal. She gives me a big bowl and drenches it in full fat milk, she keeps telling me if i want to grow big and strong i should drink more milk. This is true i am quite small at 5 foot 3 at 13. I am eating not at the table but slouched in front of the tv. My belly is hanging out of my shirt : as always when i am sitting down. I hoist myself up and fetch a carton of juice but when i get to the fridge i also grab an irresistible snickers - my favorite chocilate bar. I finish breakfast and go to the couch. I switch the Xbox on and go on mw3. 2 chocolate bars and a pack of chips later my mom calls in with a bag of cookies for me and says i have to get up and we are going for lunch. She hoists me up and I get in the car with my 10 year old brother and 16 year old sister. My brother sits in the front, his 145 lb weight comfortably filling the seat. I sit in the middle of our 7 seat car and my sister at the back filling a seat and a half with her 270lb weight. My mom takes a turn in to mcdonalds. We lumber over to the door catching many stares as i order my meal : 2 bigmacs a chicken burger, 40 nuggets and 4 large fries. I gobble this up and we drive to Krispy Kreme, my favorite donut place. I order a dozen mixed donuts and get into the car to eat them. When we get home I grab some snacks ( 2 snickers, a twix, a big bag of chips, coke and bread) and sit on my couch. I ask if anyone wants to watch a movie with me and my sister says yes, she gets some snacks and we start watching as she plants her slightly smaller butt next to mine on our 4 seat couch. The indiana jones theme song blares as i unwrap my twix duo.
2 hours later, We have watched the movie and start up an episode of family guy, we watch this and decide it is time for a mini meal : a small meal me and my sister often share.Today she serves up 4 hotdogs, oven fries, bacon and beans. We eat this and go back to the sofa. It is hot where we live and I pull my shirt off. Revealing my huge belly and moobs. We start the indiana jones sequel with a litre of ice cream to share. 2 hours later.
Mom comes in and asks if i want a pizza for dinner, i say yes and ask for an extra large pepperoni pizza with stuffed crust. In the 20 minutes she is gone I pile a tray with wedges and nuggets and stick it in the oven. I eat this before mom gets home and have my pizza in front of the tv. My mom cooks up wedges and fries again! And i give my sister the look saying, woo hoo, double meal. My dad gets home from work and has his dinner do the nightly tradition. A movie. We all go into the tv room with my sister and i on the couch my brother on the chair and my parents on the other couch. My mom had bought toffee popcorn and passes a bag to me as I undo my bulging zippser.
After the 3hr movie it is 10 oclock and I walk breathlessy upstairs with some food.
I play on my ps3 for 2 hours and settle in my bed.
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9 Responses Aug 4, 2012

Man, I wish I was you.

Sounds amazing! Wish I had a mom who fed me that much. I want to get to your size and maybe bigger!

You're eating about 18,000 calories per day which is a 5 pound weight gain EVERYDAY!

Insane isn't it?

this is crazy bro, get your **** toghether! you're still young you can do it!

My kind of family:one that fattens you up!

Wow! You have a wonderful family! Care if I move in with ya? lol.

Can I lie with your family your life is amazing

what a fatty i love it so much food in one day ;3

My god, yes! :D

damn dude... hey can you post some pictures of your sister possibly?

I'll have to ask her...