Going To My "teddybear Dress Up Party".

I am invited to my friends house for a party. About 15 bear type guys are there. It is going to be my turn along with 2 others to spend the night all dressed up in ruffled panties, lots of soft very full chiffon petticoats, and a frilly little girls party dress made in my size. We all go to the special bedroom and are helped to get dressed. I have on a pink and white party dress with lots of rufles and lace. My slip/petticoat is white and pink and VERY full. It makes my little dress stand out so much I have to be careful when walking around the room and not knocking things off the tables. My two other friends have blue and yellow dresses on....with full petticoats also. We are also wearing black nylon stockings. Whe we are all done getting dressed we go out to the main part of the party and get to meet the other guys. They all have the same fetish.....panties and petticoats and frilly little dresses. As we meet other guys with the same interests in what we are wearing we get to go to a special bedroom and carry out the fantsy of our fetish. By the end of the night we are all good friends and looking forward to the next "party".
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8 Responses May 25, 2012

What a party

what a fun party indeed

I wish I could find some people with the same fetish, hun. xox

Love to join that party!

So wish I could be part of that group!!!!!!

if I get to ***,, I'll be there too,,,,mmmmmmmmm

We always do our best to "miss the frilly clothes" when we "complete" our fun! Doesn`t always happen that way tho. Your right....such a problem!! :-) :-)

Wonderful fun dressing up in pink silky knickers and dresses.