Trying To Do Right.

I'm a 17year old girl nearly 18. I first realized i was a lesbian at the age of 11 when i had a crush on my friend. I choose to ignore it for years and carried on dating guys, I was always in denial i didn't want people acting different or treating me different. It wasn't till about 10months ago that i fully accepted it only because i met this girl. We starting dating but was long distance then we got together but didn't work out in the end but it's the first time i've truly been happy with someone. Because of her i'm more comfortable about my sexuality and will date girls, i don't care who i tell if they have a problem with me being a lesbian then that's there problem not mine.
I'm not a confrontational person so find it hard telling my mum and step dad, considering i have a gay brother who she no longer talks to cause he's gay it's kind of put me of. Me and my mum have never been close since the age of 9 so i don't want to push her away more.
I think all teenagers find being gay hard to deal with that's why when i turn 18 i'm going to open up a group for gay teens so i can try give them the help and support i never had growing up.
It defiantly opens yours eyes too how much gay couples get judged but to be honest i cope with it pretty well i don't care if i'm on the street kissing my girlfriend, who are those people to judge?!. Love is love no matter what gender, could say being gay has made me see more.
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

Very nice story :) I think the worst is being judge by others! And they don't get it that love don't choose gender, faces, ... !