Brother-in-law Rapes Me

My brother-in-law ****** me

Before you go too far, let me tell you that I a male, not a woman and this really happened. My sister is quite a bit older than I am and, of course, so is Don, her husband. One weekend, my family was visiting my sister and her husband in a town about 200 miles from where we live now. There were too many people to stay in my sister’s house so Don, her husband, got a room at a nearby hotel for some of us. That some of us turned out to be him and me. I am not gay and am in high school with a girlfriend who loves for me to suck her **** and play with her *****. She won’t let me **** her but she has given me a ******* although she didn’t swallow the ***. So I love women and have had no desire to be with a man in any way.
Don drove us to the hotel and brought a fifth of jack Daniel with him. I drank a little which was really too much since I had never drunk liquor before; I got a little high but Don got a lot high. He then wanted to wrestle. I am very strong and can hold my own with anyone ordinarily but this wasn’t ordinarily. He was able to throw me to the bed and then get on top of me. I struggled hard but could not get him off. He finally got off and said let’s go to bed. I’m tired. Well, so was I, and so I agreed and took off my clothes. Don ******** and then showered and came out completely naked. I had a pair of shorts on. I had never really seen another man’s **** until then. But the unusual thing to me wasn’t that I could see it but that it was really big and semi hard. I guess I stared at it a little too long because he asked me if I liked what I saw. “Well it is big,” I said. “But I have no interest in it.” “ Then why are you staring at it,” asked Don. “I’m not,” I replied. “I just have never seen one that big before.” So then Don said “let’s wrestle some more.” “No,” I said. But that didn’t stop don from coming over and grabbing me and trying to throw me on the bed again.
I struggled really hard this time because I sensed that there was something else going on here, something that I didn’t understand. But still Don overcame me and put me on the bed with him on top again. But this time I was lying on my stomach and he was on my back. I could not move. I also felt his **** and could tell it was harder than before. I still didn’t understand but I knew don was going to do something to me with his ****. I tried very, very hard to get up but he was completely in control.. Now his **** was very hard. “I want you to struggle,” Don said. “Keep it up.” “What are going to do,” I asked.” I am going to **** you,” don said. “What,” I asked incredulously. “I don’t have a *****. How can you **** me? “ “In your bum hole,” Don replied. “No, No, You can’t do that.” “I am going to do it,” said don. With that, I tried bucking him off and every other move I could think of but nothing worked. Furthermore, all the struggling had torn my shorts so that they were off on only one leg and my rear end was wide open.

Don had also managed to get his **** into my crack somehow and it was now on the verge of entering me. I fought even harder but only succeeded in getting it closer to its mark. “Oh my god,” I said. “Please don’t do this. I don’t want to be ******.” I cried out. “You will love it,” Don said. “I will not” and tried again. This time I really screwed up. I somehow opened up my hole so that the head of his huge **** found its way into my ***. ‘Oh, that hurts,” I yelled out. “It will get easier in a minute,” don said as he pushed it in further. I was afraid to move now not knowing whether my fighting would help him or hurt him so I was more passive than at any time that night. Oh it hurt. But Don managed to get all of it in me, I thought, since I couldn’t see it. With my passivity, Don started actually ******* me and I didn’t know what to do, fight him or not. Finally I resolved that he was already ******* me so maybe I should let him and get it over. Don was going real slowly and it hurt like hell but began to ease some finally. Don started to thrust harder and it didn’t hurt so much anymore and actually began to feel somewhat good. Don, asked if it felt good yet. I replied that it was feeling better. Good, he said because I am now going to **** you hard. With that he began pounding me. Oh my God, it feels good. Oh my god, I like it. Oh my god, **** me, Don. I had never felt anything like that before and I loved it. I started pushing my *** back at him and he was now full tilt in me and trying to get more in me. Yes, yes, **** me; **** me, that feels so good.
All of a sudden I hear don say he’s ******* and immediately I felt his juice in my ***. Oh that was the best feeling I ever had as he shot wad after wad into me. I then came all over the bed. Then I collapsed. Don stayed on me for quite a while as we rested. Then I felt him getting harder again and knew he was going to **** me again. But this time, he asked if I wanted him to **** me again. Yes, yes, please **** me again. And he did. We kept this up for about an hour before we both just dropped. Then Don asked me if I would clean his **** for him. “What,” I asked,” you mean suck your ****? “ “Yeah,” Don replied. Well why not, I reasoned so I went down and started cleaning his **** with my tongue, and then took his limp **** in my mouth and sucked it hard until he came into my mouth. I swallowed that and now knew that Don could make me do anything he wanted me to do. We finally got to sleep.
The next morning, Don woke up before I did, and grabbed the shower first. I just lay there and contemplated the previous night’s events. Damn, I must be gay to have enjoyed that last night but I knew I loved women. So what gives? I also quickly realized that I was getting hot while I remembered that *******. Damn, I want more, I thought. About that time, Don came out of the bathroom, still naked, and still with a semi-hard on. He looked at me and headed in my direction as I just stared at his ****. “Here, boy. Suck this **** now. I can tell you want to”. Said Don, as he pushed the **** in my face. I didn’t say anything. I just took it in my mouth and started sucking. We spent three nights there and Don ****** me every night and I sucked his **** several times. That weekend changed my outlook on sex forevermore.
Now I am an adult and don't have to be forced to suck a **** or be ****** but it is still nice. I love to suck dicks now. Being ****** in the *** is also very good.
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This story seriously got me going so hard. I fantasize about being in your position regularly.

It sounds like you had fun

I thought your story was great, I mean at first it must have scarred you but the rewards were great.

I want to have in on the fun😢

Nice story me next

Great story. I could tell that this was based in the 80's.

XD loved it. very intetresting

I was raped by a group of boys. Took turns using me like a girl. Never told anyone. Felt degraded. A few year went by and I let other guys **** me. Luv when a guys puts his hands around me and says he wants to **** me.

I'd love to meet Don and be on the receiving end of his intentions. My *** is still virgin.

I was raped by my older brother when I was in 8th grade, he was in 10th. We shared the same bedroom, always shirtless and usually in boxer-briefs at most while in our bedroom. I was already asleep (naked as we both always did) when I woke up to him jumping on top of me. I didn't know what he was doing but I was pissed for being awakened and I fought back. I didn't win though with him being older, bigger, stronger, and a wrestler (this experience is what I never got into wrestling until I overcame my fears just after high school). He never said a word no matter how much I cried out or what I said. The pain of how he was bending my arms, using pressure points, and punching made me eventually give up. He first made me suck him then after I don't know how long, he flipped me over and had me from behind. When it was all over, I was shaking and couldn't sleep for days from shock. However I did like it, and after a few weeks he did it again, I fought back, but I made sure he ended up over taking me. This occurred more and more until he went off to college.

I am not for rape, but not against it? I guess I see it more as a part of life for some people, though I myself can't imagine doing that to someone who is unwilling.

Did he know you liked it? Did he sometimes **** you face to face? Did he ever apologize?

yeah, he caught on that I liked it when I eventually started to antagonize him to get him to attack me. yep, did face to face sometimes. has never apologized, and I don't think he has anything to apologize for. I'm glad my brother raped me.

honest question, you and him still go at it or was it just a 'teenage' thing between you two?

my brother was over one weekend an we having dinner an had few beers an other stuff to drink
an he **** me,,,,now background i have small **** i dont have sex with wife i in panties im sissy boy an in chastity an wife teaseing us she was ittle tipsy also an yank my shrots panties down in front of bro an she said well hes ready for you

lovely story great story got me hard as hell thank you

your story made me crazy , awesome story

Of course, I was very angry at what he was doing to me but I gradually realized I wanted him to do me in every way he could. He opened my eyes to feelings and desires that I might never had. I think he knew what I wanted better than I did. In any case I am very glad he raped me.

i enjoyed reading your experience at first it makes you mad at your brother in law but after a while maybe it was for the good i for a while have wanted to meet a nice guy and try to be a bottom and i really want to but as of yet have not met that guy i have allowed a couple of guys to penetrate me and it was painful.i have used a sex toy and it was very enjoyable so i want to try multiple times i do enjoy oral sex with guys a lot and want it all the time.very good story

please add me too

Alright Biman. Once I started to read this I couldn't stop. I was mad as hell at what was happening to you, happy that you fought back and relieved when you surrendered to avoid being hurt and finding out who you are.

I generally shy away from rape fantasies, so I'm a little ashamed that I found your story so hot. Very well done! I'm glad that Don perhaps already saw something in you that you couldn't even admit to yourself, and how it quickly turned from "rape" into something consensual, sexy and life-altering. I'm still hoping to give my own cherry to another man, and hope it could be even half as amazing as your first time. Having read your tale, I then just had to read your other stories, some of which just blew me away, especially "I Get To Know My Stepdaughter" (which I'm so ashamed of being hugely aroused by that I cannot even directly comment on it). You're a great writer.

Thanks, try it yourself.

nice story i bet your bro in law knew the you would like gay sex before he got the room/ some guys can just tell

Yeah, I think he knew. But I didn't until he made me do it. Then I liked it.

A nasty way to lose your cherry. Glad it worked out okay.