Groping Menace

why do men grope? What makes grabbing a piece of flesh so enjoyable?

Men fantasize sleeping with many women, having one nice woman in ur life is never enough. Oh no.. U want her sister, her mom, maybe her friend too. Ur manhood stands erect when u see a female and u want to feel her skin instantly.

You go near her, make excuses to touch her, feel her, maybe u steal a hug or a kiss..
U grab her ***, her breasts, may be steal a kiss, pretty soon ur grinding ur **** up her ***.

All this while the woman suffers, she feels sick, another day another man is molesting her. She feels sick, she wants to die, its painful being a woman, her brother, her father, maybe he uncle, her neighbor, maybe even the milkman wants to grope her.

Is she just a pile of flesh to be grabbed and violated. How wud u feel Mr. Man if u were groped and kissed by other men. Men, yes men, coz that wud be equally disgusting for u.

Think twice before u violate a woman. If u cant bear it, go to a corner n jack ur load off, but please donot cause that woman mental anguish.

Its tough being a woman. Understand this please before u try to feel one up.

If u do, i just wish to suffer a lot of pain in ur life..

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So all I have noticed is cheap guys who obviously are offended by this pretty accurate comment. And if you think for second we girls like it then you're obviously are touching the lowest of the low. Real woman with class wouldn't allow for that....and if you want to judge me then do so lol you don't know what we women want so get out of here with your ****. Thanks

wtf is with that title
cheap bait

I groped this girl in the underground. I was soo horny, It was summer, most girls would usally wear thin dress and short skirts. I was sitting down and a girl came and sat next to me. This girl was wear a dress that came up to her thignrs,she had very sexy legs and black hari and eyes. I got soo turned on, I wanted to **** her on the spot, So i then

It all depends stop streotyping

Man is polygamous by nature. Woman is also polygamous. Some women love being groped depending on her mood, the setting and the person groping her. Yes some hate it. Don't try to make everything universal it will only upset you. The Experience Project is about possibilities that have come to reality. You can't control the universe, only your world.

Groping can be defined as "feel or fondle for sexual pleasure, esp. against their will." I think that is the definition being used here. No one can enjoy groping if it is against their will.

Quite a few girls here have said they have found they did to their surprise.

I have seen girls enjoying guys trying lift their skirts and having a feel

U is dumb as a rock.