Firsts Time Addmited In A Hospital Well In Along Time

well i ended up in hospital on christmas and through new years with acute pankritis witch i was diagonsed with the doctors told me after a few tests thought it was unusual for a person witch is me in my 20's to get some like this,but i do remeber eating left over food from a christmas party at work witch im guilty of its one of those things i never thought it could happend but it did, any ways the type of pankritits was suppose bethe serious type of pankritis and i have to addmit im a strong person in heart but when it comes to stuff like this i was so worried an was upset for one i was in so much ,tremendous pain and i was vommiting but i didnt want to be in the hospital but i ended up staying i was on pain killers and antibiotics thought, people in hospitals are so nice and understanding witch explains why the nurse was trying to calm me down cause i was upset, even thought i was on a path to surgery done but didn't, to make it this storie even funnier but kinda bad in way well im in a hospital' my older sisters freind is a nurse or doctor not sure but her friend was assigned to me witch left me in a awkward possesion cause didnt want my family to know i was in the hospital.however after i left i was sad cause i knew i had to go back to work and it was so relaxed there im mean just sitting there doing nothing but for only a short period of time, but eating fluids for breakfast dinner and lunch is not funny and i had to try get out.
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Jan 12, 2013