I Love Inspiration

I love reading stories, watching movies, and listening to songs and speeches that inspire me. I love having friends that inspire me as well :)

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6 Responses May 21, 2008

Lemme see. For stories, I think the one that inspired me the latest was Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder. It was a true story about Data General and DEC and it captured the essence of competing to come out with the latest and best computer design. I was inspired by the sacrifice and the success that were made by the designers. <br />
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Movies...hmmmm...Shawshank Redemption comes to mind at the moment. Oooo also 8 mile :)<br />
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Songs? LOL. Wow. "Another New Day" by Jazzanova, "I got life" by Nina Simone, "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West, Superman theme song :P<br />
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Speeches? MLK Jr's I have a dream speech of course, most of Obama's Speeches but especially the speech where he addresses the Rev. Wright controversy, and there's more but blaaaaaah I can't think tonight <br />
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Aaaaand most of the friends that have inspired me are the ones I've met here on EP. We all know that outside of EP, we indeed have our own problems, battles, struggles, etc. to deal with and yet, some of the friends I have made here continue to be helpful, spread positive vibes, and contribute a friendly atmosphere the best way they know how (and everyone have their own way doing that). This is how many of my friends inspire me :) <br />
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I agree with you Dee. Very well put.

I definitely agree puff :)

I believe that if you are friends with someone, especially if the friendship has lasted for a long time, then both parties should be getting SOMETHING out of the friendship. I am not talking about material gain, but rather a friendship where the other party extends a shoulder for you to cry on, or a helping hand, or a listening ear. I believe that friendship should be based on trust, as well as relationships because without trust, there is no foundation on which to grow and expand on those friendships and relationships.<br />
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True friends should inspire you and to keep you afloat when you are sinking. That is what the true meaning of friendship should be about.<br />
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Thanks for sharing this story niceguy. I too, love reading and learning from different types of people who inspire me. There is so much that you can gain just by listening and talking with people who are so different from yourself. It's great!<br />
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Hmmmm...that's a good idea Dee. Whenever I feel inspired, I do feel more alive in a sense.

To find inspiration is to find life, I think :)