I Like Being Me...

My life has radically changed over the past week...I finally have come to terms of who I am. I am a straight cross dressing man who enjoys wearing women's clothes beacuse they feel so good on me. I bought my own clothes for me to dress up as I please and to show my girlfriend how pretty I can be. She gladly supports me and encourages me to be what I want to me and feel comfortable with who I am.
Every day is a new experience and every day I grow closer to my girlfriend. I am getting more and more comfortable shopping because it gives me a sense of fullfullment and joy.
Every night for the past three days I have gotten dressed and walked arround and becoming comfortable with what I like to do.

My goal is to dress up for me but more for my girlfriend. She likes who I have become and wants me to continue as far as I want to go because I set the limits. Now that I think about it I ultimately want to dress up 100% but I know that I will never pass for a woman but it is fun to shop and wear clothes that make me feel good about myself.
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Congratulations! Acceptance of oneself is the first step. Have a wonderful journey.

You are really so lucky! Wish I'd managed to have such understanding. We're slowly getting there, with all sort of illogical aruments along the way. Nighties are now accepted, even liked. Petticoats are now getting OK for fun evenings, but my new frilly chiffon blouse, and the black lace one got her all upset again. Yet my lacy camis are fine! Even with the petti and suspenders with lace-top stockings! I guess we might still get there. Hope so.<br />
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But above all, this finding comfort with your true self is a real blessing, and after decades of hiding my pretty things, yes - I like being the real me. We should celebrate it.