I Am What I Am And I Dont Care a Damn About Wat Otherz Think Bout Me

hey there reader, well let me start by introducing myself wiz ya ok. i am Justina, an indian who was born and brought A^ in Dubai City in UAE and currently exsisting in USA lol and now am 16 yrs old  

well life to me is something that has to be discovered to understand,  i thought life to me is dreadfull in Dubai cuz i never could meet my goals like meeting an american for instance, my thoughts its crazy i know. But now i reached my goal i feel bored and stupid that i regret now that i shouldnt have made a goal to meet an american or to come to America in the first place, i mean its gr8 and all but it will never be as gr8 as life in Dubai seriously that waz heaven. Now i can never go back and have the same fun i had like i used to have.....^_^...

Destiny Destiny
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 2, 2006

its gr8 you came here, i guess, there's so many new jobs, and opertunities for you in America. I hope you enjoy the rest of your life here. God bless you!!

You know what they say around here, especially if you've been around at least as long as I have..."you never know what you have until you lose it" bit you've got your whole life ahead of you yet,so don't worry you have plenty of time to make your share of mistakes lol