Love Yourself

to be able for you to love everything about other people, you must love everything about you first,., some find it too selfish but for me, it's not, because i believe that if you feel good about yourself and you know everything about yourself, then you can start opening up with people and even start trusting them with who you really are,., some people will make you feel insecure,., but don't be too affected,., when you love yourself, criticisms are nothing,.,
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1 Response Apr 23, 2007

As Leo Bucaglia said in "Living, Loving & Learning" :<br />
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"You are all you have. Therefore, make yourself the most beautiful, tender, wonderful, fantastic person in the world. And then you will always survive."<br />
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"When we recognize this importance of you again returning to a respect for you, a love for you, and realizing that all things come from you, then you can give to others."<br />
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It always makes me smile!