Everyone Should Love Him/herself!

I love to be myself because i'm unique, different from everyone else, but at the same time, just like everyone else. This is true for every one of us.

Sometimes we're so angry with ourselves cause we'll never be as pretty and elegant as [anyone you find very pretty], we'll never be as smart, strong and talented as [..], but we forget that we may be (and surely we are) better than those people at something, though nobody knows about it.

I think that everyone of us has got talents in different measures, but altogether (combining the talents of every person alive) we are perfect, we can do anything! It could be said that, if God is perfect, He fragmented His qualities and distributed them unequality to every human being, so that the sum of all would correspond to His perfection. (and his defects as well, if we consider God=Universe...but this is too metaphysical to talk about it now...:P)

At the same time, we're all mortal and fragile - that makes us all even.

This way, I like being me because I learned that union is strenght, I love to be alive, I love to love, I love deeply and I think i've found my path in life and i'm following it. Of course, sometimes I feel i'd like to be prettier, thinner, smarted and all that, but I try to think that we're all gifted and important, we all have our place in the world, no matter what the others think of us, cause nobody can know ourselves more than we do.

So, believe in yourself and stop self-criticizing, ok?(i promise i'll try to do the same :P)

Peace and happiness everyone!

Aoine Aoine
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 3, 2007

I really like how you put that. Thanks for brightening my day!