High Heeled Secretary

After getting caught or almost any way by my wife I decided to tell her. This brought about some very interesting and pleasurable situations we also discovered we both wore the same size high heel 9 1/2B women’s. She told me she suspicions about my crossdressing, especially the one day seeing me across the counter seemingly taller that I usably was. One scenario which occurred quite often with different little twists, and I think one of her favorites was catching me dressed. One game we played was we would what garterbelt, waist cincher or merry widow was to be worn that day for both of us.
If I told her I had home office paper work to do she would remark “I might take a long lunch.” This meant for me to be ready. One of these times after she left for work. I got dressed. A cami, black waist cincher with 6 garter straps (the same as she put on that morning), nylons, panties and my favorite culottes topped off with **** ring and leather thigh high boots with a 5” stiletto heel. A little before noon I heard her *** in and walk into the office. Pretending to be surprised she said “so you are at it again.” I replied “I am my secretary today.” “You are a ***** eating **** secretary, get up and show me how slutty you are.” Which I did. She sat down and asked me if I had *********** yet I told her no. She then asked me to get her a cup of coffee with no cream as she would get that latter. Setting her cup down dropping her panties and raising her skirt she said. “*** here you ***** and eat me.” Before I did I picked up the pair of 6” stiletto heeled pumps from my desk went over and knelt down in front of her. I slipped off her work shoes and placed the pumps on her I licked the toe and sucked the heel of each one, this was customary when we put high heels on each other. I then pulled down her panties lifted her skirt and started eating her. It did not take long until she was moaning in ******. I kept on sucking ad licking until she was breathing normally and stopped quivering. I got up went back and sat down. She opened her eyes and asked “Have you jacked off yet?” I told her no. “Good I want all that *** for myself.” She took off her panties came over knelt down placed her ***** over the toe of my high heeled boot pulled out my **** and gave me a wonderful *******. When I came she swallowed it all and kept on sucking
wellheeled2 wellheeled2
51-55, M
Aug 2, 2012