Nude At Home

My wife and I are nudists and we are usually nude at home.  I will wear my apron while doing the dishes or cooking.  We have gone to clothing optional campgrounds and have made good friends.  If we do not have to go anywhere, when I get home from work,  I say "Time to change my clothes" I go to the bedroom and get into my natural state.  Being nude is so relaxing.  I could go on and on and on about the joy of being nude. 

I wish society would be more open to the nude lifestyle.  Nothing to hide behind just be yourself. 

dave974dd dave974dd
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6 Responses Sep 1, 2010

Nude may not be lewd, but it must feel nice to be prepared at any time to demonstrate how sexy you find your wife, particularly since she is prepared to be touched, caressed, and pampered by you at any moment of the day! Being naked certainly does not equal sex, but if as a couple, you are truly infatuated with each other, certainly let it equal intimacy.<br />
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being nude is normal my big sister see's me nude and i see her nude and i went to a camp when i was a kid and there was some rules one was no cloths on

So far my nudity has been well accepted by friends and strangers.

I love being a nudist. At my house, everyone is invited to go natural.

I envy you all. I'd love to be a 'full-timer' but clothed-mindedness is the order of the day round here! One day I'll have a garden with plenty of privacy so I won't 'offend' others while I sunbathe or potter around as I yearn to. You all rock!

Society always rejects the "Bare" facts !!<br />
Nude is not Rude...It's :)