Okay, who doesn't? Isn't life so much better that way lol. Just got home from work, saw nothing too crazy, mostly healthy dogs, diagnosed one with cancer...is part of the job unfortunately... however it is nice to get home, ***** it all off and lay in bed with my cats lol.
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Cats against your naked body must feel like a warm fussy blanket. Would be great for the winter! lol

Doesn't it feel nice to go home and be comfortable? For you obviously being naked is comfortable, and good on ya for that.

I don't have any cats to lay in bed with, but I do enjoy taking my clothes off when I get home.

Nice...add me pls

I think I would rather block you

Good for you. Met a husband wife equine vet several years ago in Missouri who both embraced the nudist lifestyle. They firmly believed they made more progress with their personal livestock on their large ranch when nude. They felt as if the animals better accepted them nude. Of course they couldn't practice that way when conducting business but "in their own backyard" it was the way to go in their opinion. Welcome to EP.