I'm off today ☺
Mom works a double, I'm home alone, all chores done, Yeah Imnot putting a single piece of clothing on me
LucianaSalazar LucianaSalazar
22-25, F
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I'm naked right now

i was lucky. i could be nude with my family

Would love to be there for thst


Hope you are enjoying your self today.. its always a good feeling to be able to walk around nude whilst at home.

After a shower lol

That's why I love it even more in summer.... you can air dry and keep cool at the same time.

That's the way to go!

That sounds fabulous. What a great way to spend the day 😊


Sounds fun

You wanna let me come over

That's hot as ****

You go girl

Wonderful!! There is nothing more freeing and national to me.

Nice I think I'm gonna deliver your mail today

Good. Why not try going outside during the afternoon?

Hi, very nice. I can't wait until I get back home to be clothes free. I am planning on staying tomorrow for a nuud and maybe naughty day :) Have a great day

Why not be comfortable at home??


Yes it is

I wasn't allowed to walk around nude in my parents home unless they went to work or out somewhere. Hell, even my ex wife wouldn't allow me to walk around nude in front of her. The only time I put clothes on is when I have to be out in public or at work otherwise, I am nude all the time now.

Sucks, I guess now I know why she's the "ex" now huh lol

That was just one of many reasons but yes.

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All over to your's then

Yayyyy lol

Nothing better!

I know,

Wish I could do it more often! Freeing and hot at the same time! Enjoy life!

Well Florida is kinda always hot my ac is at 74 so Im golden for the day

I'm in Western Australia, approx. 80 today and early spring so I know how you feel! I have family in Florida, loved it!

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Not even socks? Lol!

Cant feel sexy with socks on lol

Mmmm, sexy feet, eh? Rowrrr! 😉



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Enjoy naked time!

Oh i am lol


Sounds like a fun day. Enjoy it and savor the moment.

Oh i am lol

Wow, must be a nice view!

Best way to be and best way to do chores 😃

I actually clean more and better nude lol

I love it
Gardening is great too.

And why should you! ;)