Nothing like a naked Sunday dinner with the grandparents love it
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add me

ah me too.. i like to get naked in my floor where grandparents are there :D

I love your groups... msg me if you want to chat :)


Sounds like a delightful time.

what?! so jealous of being able to go naked with family. has it always been that way?

I like to see

mmmmmm very carefree. I would love to enjoy nudity all the time. Though when alone I try to go around clothesfree. Plus I do sleep nude as well. I would love to hear more. Can we be friends?

Can I see you naked lol I love nudism I wish people could walk around naked all the time in public

I've been to the UK a couple of times but the weather has never been good enough for me to want to take my clothes off. I live where it's quite warm year round. One can be naked much of the year if you like.

Yeah I like to do the cleaning naked it makes you feel so much freer and you don't get so hot and then to have a nice shower at the end so that everything is then clean!

Can I sit next you then 😀

All over to your's wait a minute I'm working ! lol

Can I come to dinner?

It is a great experience. I'm like that all the time and in about an hour we are leaving a great nudist campsite.

Sounds great but here it's freezing.

Gotta be British 😂

Being naked around family must be exciting! You have very lucky grandparents that enjoy being naked with you!

i m home alone and naked i m loving too

you are so lucky i would love to be in your situation