I enjoy being naked in my own room. It makes me feel comfortable. sometimes after shower, I will just hang my towel around my neck and let the hanging towel cover my boobs.. i love sleeping naked too. The feeling of laying naked on the cold bedsheets is awesome. It does makes me sleep better. Sometimes if I am naughty.. I will purposely left my windows open a liltle so my hot neighbor can see me walking naked in my room.. hehe.
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just wait until you have your own place and you can be naked everywhere. its so freeing to walk fom the bedroom to the kitchen then settle in on the couch to watch tv. until then, enjoy your room.

Yes this is a great way to sleep and to be around the home...

you teaser ;)


It is even more fun when you shower outside then come home to fresh sheets.

If a neighbor caught you he be one lucky person.

Bare Hugs

with erect ****... at balcon somerimes too..

i am always naked @home...

I wish I was there to see.

You have a very lucky neighbour!

When can I see this?

Naked is the NORMAL human condition like all other species. Hanging dirty laundry on our bodies makes us ugly and diseased.

It's good to be naked I'm nude as much as possible at home feels so much better

It's great being nude I often wander around without anything on. Do you go in the garden as well

Yes it is. when no one is home i often go around the house that way too in the warmer months. It can be very sexual and sensual and of course.. makes playing either alone or with a friend that much more exciting when you always have access to each other parts ha.

Love to be your nieghbor

being nude is the biggest turn on and especially if you have some one to watch our nude body dancing to the tune of the breeze and sunlight....aahh love to be with you totally nude...