Okay I'm super bored soooo I'm gonna tell a story. It's about how my family started kind of being okay with nudity. To start out I am 18, my brother is 14 and we live with my mom and we've all slept naked out whole lives basically. But we never like went fully naked at home or anything and always covered up. So we were gonna move after my parents broke up and me my bro and mom hit the road. We hadn't even bought a house or anything yet but had to get out of my dads house so we decided to stay at a hotel until we bought a home. Before this we've never seen each other naked other than in passing so we weren't all gung ho to change in the hotel room and shower and all that but my mom just kind of said we weren't being mature. So the room had a shower but it was totally open which is what made me nervous since I've never been seen naked since I was a kid. But my mom just hopped in took her shower then lounged in a towel for most of the day after. Me and my bro both wore swimsuits to shower in the first few days. Now my mom was still showering nude like normal and it wasn't a big deal. She slept naked too. So eventually I just thought why are we so afraid of being seen nude? I mean we are family and it's not like some big sexual ordeal. So I showered nude the next morning before they woke up and did that for a bit until one time they woke up and saw me and I realized it wasn't a huge deal. My brother of course followed suit and from then on we showered naked. Me and my brother were sharing a bed so we didn't sleep naked but eventually we got down to wearing nothing but undies (I wear men's boxers to sleep cuz they're comfy) and that was that. By the end we were all hanging out in the room naked or in just blankets, towels, undies, etc. it was good I think. Kinda shows that nudity isn't sexual and it's not a big deal with family. I think we did end up sleeping fully naked but I slept in moms bed if I was nude because I'm not gonna sleep naked with my bro beside me unless it's like dire lol. But yeah now we're open with nudity, not nudists but more open than before. :) please no pervs messaging me geez
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healthly nudity

Awesome experience! Thanks for sharing!

Totally get your last sentence, sort of, not nudists but comfortable to be nude.


Wonderful story and yes very true nudity is normal and natural and is not always sexual. In fact, most time is it just more comfortable and relaxing.

Bare Hugs

I just started going naked around my family too

That's how we are born....

My mom and I are nudist

odd curcomstance but ends well ends well

There is nothing wrong with nudity. Nudity doesn't mean sexual.
Everyone was born nude, and then LEARNS "modesty" and "shame" of their body.

Naked is the natural condition for humans. Having to cover and hide is unnatural and a form of psychotic shame.

Thanks for the well-written story. I feel it is an important contribution to this subject. It seems it would be a good foundation to your sex education. So many young people take that kind of education as a giggle session because they think this subject is "dirty" and have no respect for others bodies. Furthermore it helps you respect your own body knowing what real bodies actually look like in their wide variations. It helps you avoid the fashion industry's attempt at making you believe you're not good enough or normal without something they're trying to sell you. Good for you!

being nude is so comfortable! It is the best way to be at home.

Nothing wrong with it but I would have to get used to it. ....
My first thoughts were that it would be weird to have My fat **** just hanging out in front of My mom and sis. Knowing them they would make comments and tease Me but in a fun natured way like "no wonder your girlfriends are always so happy" lol



That's not nice

It's true though!

Thats a great story

Being naked with family must be enjoyable. So glad you get to experience the feeling of being nude with them. Life is just better without any covering!

That's cool that you're more comfortable with nudity now. I grew up with one sister and nudity was never a issue. Family skinny dipping was common and my sister and I shared the bathroom through our high school years.

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No I don't talk to guys on here


I think you should reread her last sentence.