I love seeing pics of nudist families. Idk why and it's not for sexual pleasure lol
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Allways nice to see people the way they should be,


There is something about the innocent of fun. If people get their mind out of the gutter they realize the playing naked is incredibly freeing. Makes one thing to when they were a child.

The idea that we are to be ashamed of our bodies is just criminal. Be naked and be free.

Bare Hugs

Same here and fantasize what it would be like to be part of the group. Being nude is something I enjoy a great deal. However, I seem to be the only one. So when I am alone or at night sleeping, I am nude. It just feels great. Can we be friends?


We are all starved for the sight of other members of our species. The evil culture keeps us hidden from each other. Hiding ourselves is unhealthy and psychotic.

It's just fun....lol

Me too, but they are hard to find. It should be all about a family being nude, but some people equate that with sex. So sad!