When you want to leave your room, but your family is out there and you don't want to put clothes on. That's me everyday lol
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So are you naked around your family too?


Ah okay, fair enough

I can't be! 😋

i understand. my family is much more modest than me so i have to hide my home nudity from them. once the house is empty, the clothes come off. does anyone know you are a wanna be nudist?

Anybody I know at home? No they don't

what about friends? i have 3 former coworkers who all know. i revealed my secret in the midst of flirting.

Nope! Nobody!

is there a part of you that wants to tell someone? in each case it was a great decision to reveal my secret. one of the friends revealed she's also a nudist and another became an internet playmate.

I'm not sure, I mean I don't really consider myself a nudist, or identify with the label of it to myself.

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So do you Parade around nude in front of the family ?? Brother get an erection ??

I know how are you feeling but very soon you aren't living at home anymore and then you can be naked at your home in all rooms at all times!

Yes! It will be amazing!

For sure, for sure

Hell yea

My kind of girl

I'm the same way. Get a robe and wear just that and see if you get push back. When you try to find a life partner be sure that they feel the same way or you won't be happy.

I'm nude the entire time I am home. That's the first thing that comes off when I walk in the door. Sadly I live alone.

When I was married my ex hated when I walked around nude. Hated it so I had to be creative and cautious....but I my Mother In Law didn't seem to mind when she caught me so little by little I tested the waters to see just how nude I could be in front of her.

I woke one morning (I sleep nude) at her home and walked to the bathroom nude. Guess who was coming the other way? :) We said good morning, I ducked in the bathroom and did my thing then back to my bedroom. I got dressed, headed to the kitchen and got my coffee.

I apologized that she saw me that way and hope she wasn't offended. She said no, not at all. What ever you are comfortable with, so am I. In my mind it's now, game on. :)

From then on if my wife wasn't around I was nude in my MIL's home. She caught me off guard one morning walking around in her panties and a white semi sheer t shirt without a bra.

My wife's the same as your ex.
My SiL caught me a few times and she wasn't bothered.
Btw, who was wearing the panties and t? You or MiL?

My SIL caught me a few times too but she wasn't as open to me walking around in front of her nude. My MIL was wearing panties and the T....not me. She would also walk around in a sleeveless blouse that was a size or 2 bigger than she needed with several upper buttons undone and without a bra. I saw her breasts and nipples many times when she bent over and if I was standing close to her and slightly behind there were times I could see down her sleeve....

A lot of good advice below.
With me, I got caught a few times when I went for a drink and thought others were in bed.
After this happened a few times and being seen going between the bedroom/bathroom with nothing on I explained I preferred being that way and the benefits.
It soon became 'normal' for me to be around the house whilst nude.

What about all the time?

One step at a time! :P

Baby Steps. I'm glad you can see forward and are taking these steps. :)

I feel that too some time in summer when hot weather


Like all things have their time. You're still in your formative years in parents house with their rules. Some day in the not too distant future you will have your own place and then the rules are at your discretion. Careful thought and planning will help direct your actions later in life. Without the intention forming a future expectation, you're likely to just continue what you've always done because it is easy and what you've always done. Be consistently imaginative and creative and grow into the future you that you desire.

Beautiful 😊

I know how you feel. I hate putting clothes on too. Wish everyone would accept nudity so people like you and I would not have to put clothes on

exactly! :)

I never wore clothes at home.. parents there or not.

If they were ok with it...

Then it would be all great :)

If only it didn't make an awkward situation

Ah yes :) I suppose that plays a part too!

That's why alone time is the best time, for me anyways

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Naked is our natural state...
How better to relax and truly be ourselves than to be naked while alone or together?



that's me, I don't go out

Oh cool

Just go for it, they will understand

If only they would!

Tell them you are a nudist. IDK your parents, obviously, but I've read stories from girls like you that were known as the little nudist and their family accepted it even though the family were not nudists.

I don't think I could do that! I know they wouldn't accept that anyways, but thank you :)