I just feel more free when everyone leaves the house and im able to walk around unconstrained, I think this word is better :3
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A bare bottom kitty

In constrained is a good word.

I've been a nudist since childhood, thanks to my mom. I enjoy it often when the weather is nice.

Add me. I can't add you

Man I wish I could be the fly on the wall!!!

This post explains my life

Lizzy, I want to see your Kitty

Please contact me. I can't contact you

Why can't you contact me ?
I did contact you . What's up ?

I just now saw that. My internet is slow

It's the best feeling. Being naked

Never done that

Nude, clothed, or anywhere in between; there ought to be no hangups. A person ought to be perfectly free to live as they are comfortable.

I agree :3 great minds think alike

So u feel bliss and freedom in the pure beauty of your natural form

Yeah its a great sense of freedom :3

I preferred my clothes on but I never object to girls walking around naked if they are aware I might try something

People could walk by looking through the windows & see you nekid.

Well then what a treat they would have :3 jks

Lucky neighbours.

Good for you.

It is a great feeling

It is indeed :3

Yes it is

Best feeling ever

Love it too

I have been a nudist for many years and I love it. I am always nude in and around home and have become comfortable nude around friends, neighbors, and co-workers when they stop by. It really is the most relaxed way to be.

It is a great feeling to be naked at home. Even better if you don't have to be alone to do it.

Good for you! If you can't feel unconstrained at home then where canyon you. Keep it up and enjoy the freedom!


I know what you mean!

Yaay nude buddies? xD :3

lol woohoo!

As long as you enjoy and feel free

Its the best feeling in the worrrld :3

Yes it is

I think you are looking for unrestricted

Hmm it doesnt sound right tho :/

Well you're naked so you just feel good.

Well only when theres no one else home :3