well who doesn't enjoy the freedom and pleasures of being fully naked at home :)
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i also try to get outdoors and be fully naked as much as i can. cant wait for summer to get here!!

I love being naked at home


Pleeaassee add me or message me

Agrred its liberating and free. Enjoy it as much as i can

I get naked as soon as I walk in my door. My friends have gotten used to seeing me naked they know I won't put clothes on for them or when they bring their girlfriends


You're right. It's a relaxing feeling.

I do it's a great feeling

Everyone should, and the beach =)

And if someone stops by... Do you get dressed or stay comfortable?

we get dressed of company is coming over. the nudism and fun stay inside the home

That's good. I've walked in on a nudist family before. Never again. Lol

I dont know, i just know i do XD

I guess those in denial

Yeah not just at home can you add please

No one can see you. You have full potential privacy (:

indeed ?

Don't mean to sound weird
Just saying

lol idk how that ? got there i meant to say yes indeed :)

Everyone loves to be nude , I am nude now , it feels wonderful

You got it right but also nice to share that time with someone

nothing better

exactly the way I am right now in this heat

I rarely wear anything at home, only when it's cold.


At home or away, clothes are unnatural, uncomfortable, and oppressive.

I couldn't of stated it any better. :)

I am always naked at home..its beautyful