But my wife is not into it and doesn't want my bare butt on the furniture! She thinks I'm putting germs and filth on everything! So I comply, but, in my opinion, she just has a weird hangup. She sleeps naked as do I, and doesn't think that is disgusting, and doesn't insist on changing the sheets every day, but it's gross to sit naked on furniture???
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4 Responses Jan 29, 2016

JUST TO PLAY DEVILS ADVOCATE, I would say your wife is probably just being considerate of your guests. If I was over at your house and I knew your bare *** had been on that sofa I might elect to stand during my visit.

It is a good idea to sit on a towel

if you don't want to go to the expense of the bidet, just offer to sit on a small towel. That's what everybody does at nudist resorts anyways

It's the standard practice everywhere I've been, the USA, Mexico, Europe...

The "nude recreation" groups say that people should sit on a towel. However I have found that a wash of my backside is just as clean as any other part. We put a bidet in our home to facilitate washing. I suggest you call a plumber and have a bidet (or a toilet with a bidet function) installed and then you will be clean front and back.