So, earlier this week I was in the TV room watching TV when one of my dad’s came home. He noted I was naked again, they are used to me being naked in my room, and I said I wanted to be naked at home as much as I can, all over the house. He did not have a problem with it but said that we had to have a whole family discussion about it. When my other dad returned from his trip to Brussels yesterday evening we had the family meeting, and now I can be nude at home all the time. There are some rules we have agreed to, I cannot be nude outside my room if we have visitors, no answering the door naked, I take a small towel round with me to sit on and cover up quickly if I need to. Last, we spoke about arousals, dads said I was not to be embarrassed or ashamed but if I want to deal with it I have to go to my room.

Already I feel happier and more relaxed. We all crashed out on the sofa last night and it was so nice.
DanteAsiir DanteAsiir
16-17, M
5 Responses Jan 30, 2016

Good for you. Your dads sound so cool.

I got the best family in the world in my dads. Its just the three of us but it is everything to us all.

My family are nudists.

Nothing wrong with being nude in your bedroom. I do it all the time after a shower, but around here, it's usually only about 55 degrees inside during the winter, so clothing isn't very optional.

That's so cool Danny... :)... I know how it feels.. Freedom! haha... wanna chat?

thats so cool Danny. We have those same exact rules only no one ever shows up here very often. Your amazing so are your dads