I don't do it as much now but if I have the house to myself, occasionally I will ***** off and relax.

As long as it's warm enough, it can be fun. It helps me feel more comfortable in my own skin as well.
andrewbarclave andrewbarclave
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Naked right now on my couch :)

Naked is best, I'm naked right now and have been most of the day

I wish I could b naked all the time, but when I can't b naked I'm at least barefoot in warm weather. I try going everywhere with naked feet when I can't b totally nude, at least my feet r bare and enjoying total freedom. Surprisingly alot of stores don't make a fuss, and on the few occasions that they have I just told them one of my other flip flops broke and I wanted to get a new pair. I get looks but sometimes they're smiles, like people respect it or wish they had the courage to do the same

Naked is the best way to be. So comfortable and free

Naked at home is definitely more relaxing

I'm visiting my cousin in the mountains of Western North Carolina.... When he's at work I've been walking around naked and sitting on the deck like that too. Today it rained and it felt great on my body