Last day of being naked. 4 days in a row is a new record!! I played the Wii, Jacob and I had a bunch of our naked days, I water the plants, did yoga, and I have enjoyed being naked with myself and my son!! I am so blessed!! Does anybody know what else Jacob and I can do on our naked days? We need more options and fun things to do! Alright, see you guys later!
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oh damn!

Go to a clothing optional resort. They have lots to do and are family friendly

You can listen to a heartbeat in the nude

I am naked at home all the time now, I haven't persuaded my dads to go nude yet but it was great to read your story. We still like to pile on the sofa and snug up in front of the TV.

Everything you normally do and anything you wish 😃

You could always take him to a nude beach and expose him to the world of nudism. ( A chance to see and be seen other nudists)

I have never done something like that, i mostly wear shorts and a tee at home, just being comfirtable, but would like to experience being naked sometime

Go outside naked

Yoga and exrcise are great to do naked. I could never join a gym because I could never stand to exercise with clothes. I do my exercise routine on the patio when it's over 60. I start tanning easy in the year so by summer I have a good base tan to prevent sunburn.
Sounds like it's time for you to join a nudist club or campground. You'll meet lots of friendly people in a safe and accepting environment.

play Wii games nude. Take a massage course and practice on each other and friends while nude. A hot sauna is always good. one of you can pose and the other can paint or photograph.

I had a female friend who face timed me when she was doing nude Wii hula was such fun, we just laughed and laughed. She kept tellin me to get a Wii so I could hula for her....

What a wonderful and relaxing time!

4 Days, that is a good long time to be naked.

Good for you! You've probably gotten to the point now that clothes feel odd to you when you have to wear them again! It sounds like you're already doing everything you can inside, so why not venture out some more? You will really enjoy the totally unfettered freedom of a nude resort if you want to treat yourselves sometime.

That's a great idea too!

Do you have a secluded beach or forest track nearby? It is even more delightful being naked in the beautiful surroundings of nature as it is at home!

Hooray! :)