Do you leave the Curtains or Blinds open ?
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9 Responses Feb 6, 2016

I used to live on an acre plot facing a busy street. So naturally I leave both the curtains and front door wide open all day while naked

Open all the time. The front door is omen in warm weather.

Open usually. I have nothing to hide. 😉

nice !

Never crossed my mind to close the curtains I like to go out in the garden and enjoy the sun all over my body .

We leave them open

I usually open them after I get naked, I kinda want people to see me undressed...

Hahahaa.. sounds like it

well my appartment only has 2 windows and is on the 4th floor... not much point closing curtains there

Unless your neighbors are flying drones around with the camera on lol

I like being naked in OTHER PEEPS homes!

Definitely open. Got to have daylight and sunshine.