House to myself!! Never happens!! Naked and loving it!! So good...
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23 Responses Mar 1, 2016

glad you found some time and space to enjoy the natural naked sensations that should be merely normal... but they're even better when shared instead of only when you have the house to urself...;)

Never happens? That's too bad

Very nice!

Happens all the time around here.

It's so comfortable and freeing.

Happens more often than not here. Slept naked, having my morning coffee naked, will eat breakfast naked and get to work in my home office naked today! Great day ahead! Wish you were here, Irishchick!

Well, cummon, Irishchick! lol!

Can you check your personal messages?

It doesn`t happen here too often either, but when it does I take full advantage of it. ;o)

Could I be with u

Good for you - I hope you were able to make the most of it! All my nude best!!

I'd be loving it too naked us the best

Better even when you don't have to wait to be alone.

I have been a nudist for many years and I love it. I am always nude in and around home and have become comfortable nude around friends, neighbors, and co-workers when they stop by. It really is the most relaxed way to be. My neighbors have gotten accustomed to it as well.

I can relate to that and I do go naked all the time, my wife thinks I am nuts for going without clothes, but when we go camping she goes nude, but not in the house.

Do the others in the house object then or have you not had the courage to ask?

I am almost always naked at home! much nicer than wearing constricting clothes!

Start being naked with other people at home. Naked is better. Just do it.

so wonderfully you lije to share some stories.. message me.

me too! :)

If you ever like to share some stories.. message me please..

I've been naked all morning, nothing better

Yeah! Love it! I have a hotel room to myself...naked as I write this! Great feeling!

Wish it was me! Lucky gal

Why can't it be you?

Yay! Me too =) Naky days

That is awesome, so love when I get those days too. Love to be naked and hanging free. Nothing beats it !!!