Naked On The Hotel Roof

My Logo picture was taken on the roof of a hotel in the Canary Islands. Quite an extensive area available for sunbathing, including a smallish swimming pool and these showers. At one end of the roof was a section for naturist use, which my lady and I headed for. The weather was warm but overcast, and there seemed to be very few people around, so after sitting for a while we wrapped ourselves in towels and went to the swimming pool in the non-naturist part.
The roof housed various services so the views were interrupted. However we could not see anybody near us, so we dropped our towels and enjoyed a naked swim. About 30 yards away was a holiday apartment block with people on their balconies so we and they could see each other but they were hardly likely to cause a fuss.
When we had finished our swim I took a shower, still facing the apartment block, and my lady got out the camera.
If only it were always that easy......
canman19 canman19
66-70, M
Jul 10, 2010