Ice Dispenser

I repeated the ice dispenser experience about one month ago at the same hotel . It was a Monday night and I walked to the ice machine more than 10 times at around 9pm. This time I was wearing a T shirt, cap, flip flops and a towel over the shoulders . My front and back were half covered. One could see that I was almost naked. My butt and pubes were partially exposed. I knew I could get into trouble if someone caught me. (I guess fortunately) no one saw me though. The feeling of walking up and down the hallway half naked combined with the possibility of being caught was amazing.

After a few drinks at my room (with all that ice), decided to go down to the pool area. This time wearing a bikini - not naked. Went down to the pool level and headed to the jacuzzi. there were a few people at the pool area and I was sharing the jacuzzi with another couple. few minutes later they left and just like the other time, I took the bottom piece off and stayed there half naked. Lots of people past by and they could not see that I was bottomless. It was so relaxing and fun!! 20 minutes later I put my bikini back on and headed to the changing room. Took a nice long shower and went back to my room for a good night of sleep.

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Would it be more arousing and erotic if a man or another woman saw you naked by giving you a smile or nod of appreciation?

I travel for business and have never been lucky enough to encounter a nude woman at the hot tub. I have seen/found sexy women's underwear strewn in the hallway but never the nude woman who left them :(

I totally enjoy reading your teasing stories! I hope you add me so I can see the woman that enjoys these adventures.

fun times in a hotel...let it all out...please add

I stayed at a hotel in CT several years ago. I checked in, showered then headed to my meeting. I went back to the hotel and saw the same lady at the checkout counter. I told her I needed to get up at 3:30 am to leave by 4 and asked if there would be coffee in the lobby. She said yes.

I asked her if she ever had anyone wander to the lobby nude to get my coffee before. She said, no, but she would have no problem if someone did that.

The phone rang at 3:30 and it was the woman at the counter saying good morning and that my coffee was ready. I grabbed my key and walked all the way to the lobby nude, got off the elevator and walked to the coffee dispensers.

She smiled at me and said good morning again. I poured my coffee and then stood and chatted with her for about 10 minutes. Even tho I'm 52 I take care of my body. She was enjoying the view for sure.

I said time to get showered, I'll see you in 15 minutes when I check out. I went back to my room showered, packed and went back to the lobby.

I thanked her for the coffee then left.


I wish I was as bold as you. It seems so exciting and so sexy. Thank you

lovely "almost flash"... but I am pretty sure you would not get into trouble even if they saw you... we tend to be very discreet and have fun whenever that happens... promise... kiss

We need more people for you, it makes it exciting. Please add me.

I think I've made comment to you about a hotel steam room I use to stop at while on the road. I would go down there at around 10pm, and have the place to myself. One evening while sitting in the steam room a woman in her late 20's mabe 30's came in to join me, she saw that I was naked and said do you mind, took off her towel sat there naked with me and talked shop for about 20 minutes. She said she did the same thing I did, come down late and have the room to herself that I was the first one she saw in there.

I stopped there a few more times but never saw her again, just a lucky encounter I guess.

thats what im talking about...... that is a hotel adventure i'd like to be part of

Where were girls like you when I was staying at hotels???

love the story. See my story about the hotel steam room. Similar to your story,but I was naked in the steam room with a clothed female. great fun

Love the ice machine adventure! I've done it several times always completely naked and never been caught. Of course I always do it very late at night when the chances of getting caught is minimal. Have you ever been seen outside your room? Ever been seen inside your room (open curtains, housekeeping, room service, etc)?

I did the same at a hotel in Portland, OR this past weekend. I even took of my trunks before I got in the jacuzzi. I don't know what I would've done if caught; however, it was definitely a rush the moments I was nude outside of the jacuzzi. Hope I run into a woman like you at a hotel some day.

Very Hot!... I always check the hotel pool hoping to find someone like you there :) Wish I was there to see

That's's a lot of fun to do something and wondering the whole while if someone notices you're exposed. I had my wife wear a surf-shirt without her bikini top under it and go to the pool. She poked right through her shirt. Try and that and see what kind of looks you get. But, they can't say're not breaking any laws.

What if I saw you on the way to the ice machine?

The ex and i did something like this...only she striped full naked and submerged deep enough no one could tell..... feeling adventerous/ try it! Late at night though...

mm when there is just that hint of no underwear, how sexy is that feeling?

sometimes we all enjoy a bit of exhibition!

Hotels can be great places.