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Barest Of All!

I simply LOVE being naked! So much so that when I shave my legs I don't stop there. I keep going till I'm all completly bare all over. I love the feeling, the tingles I get when a little breeze blows by, when I brush against something, or if I or someone else touches my bare skin. Even when I must wear something to go out, I choose as little as possible. I stay nude all the time indoors. Friends are used to it, as I have been keeping away from clothes since just a kid.
My mom raised me and had trouble getting me to stay dressed, she finally gave up and let me be clothes free inside. She nicknamed me Nudigirl, and it has stuck ever since. My friend Jay told me about this website, so I joined. I am happy to meet all of you with like thinking and doing. I think this sharing is going to be exciting for me.
Love, Nudigirl
nudigirl nudigirl 22-25, F 52 Responses Sep 10, 2011

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What a cute story. The feeling of the sun and wind on my body is what sold me on being a nudist as well.

i went nude at the lake today felt so good when the wind hit me

You are so right, being naked and clean shaven is just the greatest feeling ever and clothes are just for when you have to wear them - hopefully not very often and then as few as possible.

Nude as often as I can be and smooth from head to toe.

I too keep my whole body completely hair free and have for quite a few years. Makes me feel even more naked, etc. Glad you've found EP to share yourself with us. Stay Naked but Stay Safe....Luv 'em Smooth

Great to have you here!
Clothes are uncomfortable and get in the way. Dont think we were ever meant to wear them.
Looking forward to reading your other posts!

fair enough

tis a pity you cannot walk around all the time like that

it would be great for everyone to be able to do that!

I am a guy and do exactly the same as you when it comes to shaving!

I love this, too. Exactly. Just as a guy it's more difficult to wear such little when outside and not be frowned upon.. But I do enjoy being nude outside where there are not likely to be any people around.. My friends are so uptight, would love to finally have a friend that is just like you :)

i love your stories. love being naked. i wish it wasnt frowned upon. but its nice to know you love nudity and not ashamed to be naked.

Thank you for the beautifully written exaltation of the joys of being in the nude. Do you find nudity enjoyable around other people? or by yourself? Personally, I'm real self-conscious and only prefer being nude around a small group of like-minded company and at home only by myself as I currently do not live with people who enjoy more public nudity.

Don\'t go nude where it is banned, but otherwise I do enjoy the company of others. Doesn\'t matter to me if they are naked or clothed. As long as no one is objecting I\'ll be nude!

you ever been to a naturist beach or club ?

that way you could be naked all the time

like to see more..add OK

Naked every moment possible. Completely shaved allows the breeze to stimulate pleasure

Welcome nudigirl have fun here lots of us nudies on ep

Hi there, I've been a nudist from a toddler on. I'm a old fart now but I still enjoy the lifestyle as much as I can.

I live in Arizona, its plenty hot here, not much in tha way of clothing is needed here.

I love your stories. Any way I can see your pics even though I'm a guy?

I am the same way, love being naked and have since a young age. My family gave up bugging me, I am naked when ever possible

i love being naked as well. so have fun and stay naked

I agree completely in that - Nudity is liberating for sure let alone the sensations

Interesting story on growing up! Please add me, I appreciate how you feel. I love to be nude also.

Hi nudigirl. Thanks for sharing. Im the same way. I love being nude. I always tan nude to. A couple of my neighbors enjoy watching. I hope we can be friends.

Good for you. Naked is great. It is a shame we here in the US don't have the same view of nudity as they do in Europe. For some reason we have trouble grasping that nude doesn't have to be lewd. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing your story

Nothing like being nude and comfy in ones own skin. Makes the day so much nicer

Nudity is relaxing and soothes the spirit. Feeling the sunlight and breeze just feels wonderful.

I totally agree with you about the feeling on your skin while naked. It's almost a sense of hyper sensitivity. Stay nude.

There is something awsome about a lady driving in the nude.. As a driver we dont get to see of them much anymore so when we do it breaks the boredom of the road to all of you ladies that do drive or ride in the nude or topless thanks for keeping us up in more than one way....hope there are still some eye openers out there on the highways and byways.. again thanks

Your story reminds me of when I was little, and how I'd run around naked as much as I could get away with it. Add me, and we can talk about it.

I'm with you. Clothes are just so inhibiting, I try to stay naked as often as I can. That means days I'm home alone or my weekly trips out of town from the comfort of my hotel room. My travels also let me get naked at massages, nude beaches, and the occasional walk through the hotel hall late at night.<br />
You more of a private nudist or do you enjoy the risk of being in public?

what places alow you to be nude in public?