Ive Always Been Like That

I always loved sitting around naked, it never had to be sexual. its just fun being naked and seeing other people naked and them seeing you naked. Even as little girls my friends and i would always go somewhere private and show our bits to each other. and now when i have a girlfriend come over to hang out and no one is around we usually get naked and it never has to go anywhere
Danielle667 Danielle667
18-21, F
13 Responses Oct 26, 2011

Liberating and freedom, let alone if you're ever in the mood you're ready.

I enjoy being naked to .....at home I am mostly naked I really hate having to get dressed, on free or naked beaches is also a lovely time the feeing of freedom ....nothing sexual just the sense of being at one with the outddoors.....great feeling!

It is great you you too can relax nude, and that you have friends who do the same!
it is wonderful that you realize that nudity isn't always sexual!

I am naked as much as possible,,i enjoy the feeling and dont mind anymore who sees me

yeah me to i love the feeling of no cothes on

It's great that you have like-minded friends...you guys can really be at ease with each other!

damn... thats what friends are for.... enjoy it ..it's a great feeling.... please add

to be nude is really comfortable & natural but people take it the other way that is wrong.I love nudity & sleep nude ! Nudity rocks !

its awesome to be naked

Love the feeling of being nude also! I only do it around the house though, never with someone other than the wife.

Yes, it is fun being naked, seeing others, and being seen by others.

It's fun, but yourself, you are out of this world with that sheer top in your profile pic. Keep having fun.

Sounds like you and your friend enjoy your naked time together.